Photo by Noah Cote on Unsplash.

Introducing The ACET Checkin Product

The ACET Checkin System (ACET) is a real-time QR Code based attendance system that reports missed and incomplete sessions directly to a client’s probation officer or case manager. The objective is to reduce time lag between an offender’s absence from treatment programs and a probation officer or case manager’s ability to intervene without re-incarceration and/ or VOP hearings. In a system where communication between stakeholders in the continuum can be measured in weeks or more: delays in information or intervention often results in pain, lost wages, time from family, hindered treatment and avoidable reincarceration—causing all of the downstream personal suffering, administrative waste, bias and inefficiency associated. This system can save costs, reduce delay and improve recidivism rates for selected county offenders on parole, probation and pre-trial diversion.

Details about The ACET Checkin Product

Participants use their phones to scan a QR Code to check in and out of meetings.

Attendance alerts are sent to probation officers and/or case managers, who then have the opportunity to send additional support and information back to participants.

Participants have the option to customize alerts (real-time, daily recap, weekly recap).

Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be easily pulled from an online library on the password-protected ACET Checkin website.

Reports can be filtered in unique ways (for example by individual, group or facility).

All data stored in the AWS secure cloud is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Only individuals with access to the platform can access the data and decryption.

Records can be erased and permanently deleted from the web platform upon request. If not deleted, information is stored and erased after five years.